Research framework

  • Continuous time modeling
    • Mixed models, dynamic models
    • Stochastic differential equations, partially observed
  • Mathematic statistic
    • Maximum likelihood, contrast
    • Stochastic approximation scheme
    • Deconvolution, model selection
  • Computational statistic
    • EM/SAEM, MCMC algorithms
    • Particle filter
  • Interdisciplinary projects
    • Modeling in biology: Pharmacocinetik/pharmacodynamic, HIV dynamic, growth, neuronal activity
    • Temperature modeling
    • Physic : resonance, stochastic synchronisation

List of references Stochastic Differential Equations Mixed-Effects models can be found on Umberto Piccini’s web page

Habilitation à diriger les recherches

I defended my HDR the 21st of november 2012 (manuscrit).


PhD defended the 19th of may, 2006, under the supervision of ProfessorFrance Mentré, University Paris 7 and Marc Lavielle, University Paris 5 et Paris-Sud Orsay

PhD title : « Estimation methods for nonlinear mixed models: extensions of the SAEM algorithm for the analysis of viral dynamic under anti-HIV treatment  »

Upload my phd manuscrit (pdf, 2.6 Mo).